Director of Sport | Mr Damian Wright

Welcome back to Term 4 activities and to the running of one of my favourite activities, the Track and Field championships.

The last of the championships events, Track and Field demonstrates the overall athletic abilities of the schools covering many different disciplines from sprinting, to middle distance, jumps – long, triple and high, and throws.

These different disciplines provide opportunities for many different boys, with different physiques, strengths and endurance skill sets to showcase their talents.

Terrace Track and Field has significantly improved over recent years with increases in participation rates, and performances. Its greatest challenge is its placement in the sporting program at this time of the year.

In 2017, the lead in phase of the larger programs of Cricket, Rowing and Volleyball have modified to allow Track and Field the opportunity to have a clear uninterrupted run into the championships. This is a fair and reasonable way of recognising and valuing every boy in the College as equally important, regardless of their activity and divisional selection.

Term 4 is Track and Field – please be assured that if there is a training clash of any type that priority must be given to Track and Field training.

This is supported by all Activity Coordinators and Head Coaches. No boy will be negatively impacted for Term 1 selections due to his participation in Term 4 Track and Field.