Captain’s Corner | Vice Captain, Matthew Lo Grande

The term is underway faster than ever before. With one week done, there are only seven to go. With five weeks until exams, the work we do now will best position us for the exam block.

The teachers will be constantly reminding us of the importance of Term 4 and how crucial it is to stay focused. However, maintaining focus is easier said then done. With eight weeks holidays in our minds we need to reflect on the all the hard work we have done this year and not allow this last five weeks to destroy all of that. It's the final quarter, we toughed out the most difficult and gruelling quarter, Term 3. Now it's our opportunity to put the icing on the cake.

Keeping it simple is imperative for success this term. Ensuring that we develop a study planner, complete all homework, complete assignments early so we don’t fall behind in revision and most importantly, listening in class. All of these simple strategies will ensure that the focus is still on the end reward and not on the holidays. In order to ensure that distractions aren’t intervening, we need to fulfil the above recommended strategies. It is also important not to overlook the importance of finding the balance between schoolwork and our social life.

Gentlemen it's the last quarter, AFL premierships have been won or lost in this quarter. Let's not allow all the distractions that Term 4 can provide and complete the year successfully.

Good luck boys, not long now!