Years 5 and 6 Program Leader | Mr Brendan Ganley

Our Year 12 students are on the count down and Term 4 at Terrace goes by very quickly. With assessment almost upon us, one may question where has the time gone already? Our new Year 7 students were welcomed last Thursday with their orientation evening. There were many new faces along with our current Year 6 students about to begin their secondary schooling chapter.

Each term we review our report cards to see how we can improve. This is an exercise that is crucial to planning future success. In the sporting world, there is a review of the past season to assess how the team has performed. With Term 4 being such a short time period of studying, reviewing needs to take place each week. There are not too many people who enjoy surprises, especially when a new topic is taught in the classroom. Like a review, the preview is critical to a person feeling calm and ready for what is to come. If we preview, we feel connected already to the topic, not flustered, but ready for engagement. This will only lead to success.

With Assessment Calendars in circulation, it is important to identify what is important in such a short term. Assignments have been issued and exam calendars will be out before we know it. It is very important that consolidation takes place for all the hard work done in Term 3. They call the third quarter in AFL the premiership quarter, where the game can be won or lost and the third term of our school year is not too dissimilar. Term 4 is about building on the good work completed and achieving the success that is deserved.

This week has been one of reflection as report cards have been delivered. Students should be taking note of where improvements need to be made and work to correct the areas where they may have lost ground.

It is a short and sharp term with much to be gained.