Captain’s Corner | College Captain, Ryan Gassman

Last Thursday, the College Captain of 2018, Jacob Montaner, was announced to the entire Terrace Family, alongside College Vice Captains, Zachary Boland, Thomas Dearlove, Thomas Pappalardo and William Roach. Having known most of these men for a while now, having seen them around the yard and involved in various events and activities at Terrace, it is obvious that these are all men of a high calibre. These Terrace Gentlemen have the backing of their cohort as well as their school and undoubtedly embody all the values that this College holds so dear. It is reassuring to know that this College is in such capable hands and the legacy of all the Senior cohorts past and present will undeniably be upheld next year.

With the announcement of next year’s College Captains also came the stark reminder that 2017 is drawing to a close. Personally, it only felt like yesterday that myself, Bill, Will, Jack and Matt were announced as the College Captains for 2017. In such a short time, we as a cohort, a school and a community have achieved so much. Academically we have all worked just as hard, if not harder, than previous years and the number of boys receiving academic excellence is a definite reflection of this. As a community in 2017, we have also come together many times to support and acknowledge one another and all we have achieved. This has been reflected in the numbers of boys who have come out to support not only the Firsts teams but also their year level. In the school yard, you only need look as far as a Senior interacting with his Year 5 or 7 buddy to feel the sense of respect every Terracian has for each other. This has been only but a small part of the legacy built this year, but it is none the less still something I am proud of and could never forget.