College Dean | Mr Chris Ryan

It has been nice to welcome Dr Carroll back to the College. I have appreciated the opportunity to act as College Principal for the first time and it is a privilege I don’t take lightly, so thank you to all staff, students and parents with whom I have come into contact during this time for their cooperation and support. Thank you especially to all those who have expressed condolences on my Mum’s passing. Her brother was a Terracian, so we are all connected in the end. I look forward to the remainder of the year back in my usual role as College Dean. Congratulations and thank you to Mr Damien Fall for the able and diligent way he acted as College Dean during this time. I personally appreciated his counsel and support.

We are presently working hard on our staffing and timetabling plans for 2018. The College is currently advertising for roles in the English, History, Religious Education and Economics/Business teaching areas. Inevitably, other needs will emerge over the remainder of the year. Mr Gary Stickley finished his time with us last week and was a delight to have with us, we look forward to other opportunities for Mr Stickley to be at Terrace. As mentioned above, Mr Damien Fall and Mr Damien Cuddihy, Mr Mason Hellyer and Mr Rob Sweeper completed their time in their acting roles last week. Thank you to all of these gentlemen for a job well done. We are blessed to have such skilled people be able to step into significant leadership roles.

We continue to focus on our preparation for the changes in Senior Schooling that commence in 2019. Dr Carroll, Mrs Quinn and I have benefitted from our participation in the QCCA Principals Conference held at the Brisbane Convention Centre during this week and we will use this and other professional links we have to inform our ongoing decision making. Thank you to all current Year 9 parents who attended our information session last week.