Captain’s Corner | Vice Captain, William Cook

As my last Captain’s Corner, I’ve decided to reflect on this year and my time at Terrace. The year has had its highs and lows (mostly highs) which I have learnt a lot from.

It was incredible to play in the mighty 6th XV, a team that smashed Churchie by more than 20 points. I’m not sure that I will see a rugby team with more talent in my lifetime! Being a part of a sporting team, Debating team, Future Problem Solving team and Choir have been essential to my time at Terrace. I met most of my friends through participating, friends that I will hopefully have for life. Learning teamwork is a vital part of anyone’s life and I am incredibly grateful to Terrace for giving me so many opportunities to do so and to have so much fun at the same time. To all the coaches and staff that dedicate so much time to Terrace’s excellent co-curricula program, I say thank you.

It was an honour to be in the crowd at Firsts' matches this year, the atmosphere was amazing for every sport. Even when our 1st XV team lost by a single point to Nudgee (a bit of a sore spot for every Terracian), our supporters did not give up on the team. This being said, I had just as much fun watching my buddy Harry tear it up as the 12As fly-half. Through watching sport, I learnt just how passionate the men in the red and black are. This passion has inspired me from my early days at Terrace to give my all and has taught me the value of community. To every Terracian, I say thank you.

It wasn’t just sport this year that was unforgettable. Going to student-run tutoring sessions was a highlight. To be able to see our year working so hard together towards academic achievement was something that I don’t think most schools experience. Over my entire time at Terrace (since the age of nine) striving to be the best that I can be has always been encouraged and supported. To my teachers and peers, I say a massive thank you.

A more unique part of this year for me was sharing my personal struggle on assembly. It wasn’t easy, but I had total faith in this community. This is something that is special about Terrace, I was able to talk about something serious and personal and people listened. So to every member of staff and every student, I say thank you.

I will miss this school so much.