Dean of Studies | Mrs Julie Quinn

Revision involves completing items on your checklist

Preparation and Planning

The Year 12 students have now been issued with their exam timetables. In the coming weeks, the remainder of the school will similarly be issued with their exam timetables. It is imperative that this document becomes the basis for strategic planning of exam revision time. As mentioned in my newsletter article of last week, revision should be systematically worked through and it should be carried out with a pen and paper response to the listed required knowledge. Many boys have worked very hard this year and it is important that we sustain our commitment to our academics despite the “end” being in sight. I encourage all students to download the checklist and to make sure that revision involves completing the items on this checklist.

Focus - Homework and Diary Week

This week has had a focus around ensuring homework has been completed, and completed well, and that homework has been logged in the diary. My thanks for the parent support in the practice of the weekly signing of their son’s diary. Your involvement in supporting and ensuring that your son/s complete the practising of skills is much appreciated.

Mentoring Week

Over the past two weeks, reflection around outcomes of Term 3 reports have been conducted by Tutors. This reflective process is a crucial factor in maintaining and sustaining strong outcomes and placing new strategies in place to enhance outcomes.

I continue to be both delighted and amazed at the level of thought and the commitment our students make towards their studies.

Below are just some of the reflections of our younger members of the community who made significant improvement in Term 3:

Pure and simple…was just over getting low results and just wanted to finish my primary experience on a high. Along with a friend in class, I started to take down notes and collated these together.

From this collation, this student began to write these notes in ways in which he could better understand them. The student really wants that 7th A this term to gain a medal.

A best mate followed this exercise of note taking daily and weekly, both just wanted to help each other out:

Writing out palm cards and attaching them to my diary so that every time I opened my diary, I saw the notes. Going to sleep earlier. Logging how long I took for homework. With Rugby, I had to use my time better and I got more out of it. Being busy has helped. Using my time well when in Rugby season, I just needed to work harder as there wasn’t always heaps of time.

Well done to these young members of the school, your results are certainly worthy and reflect your efforts. This great feeling of accomplishment after hard work is invested is certainly one that stays forever.