Director of Sport | Mr Damian Wright

Congratulations to all the young men who participated in the Junior GPS Track and Field Championships last Thursday at QSAC. Both as competitors and spectators, you were all magnificent in representing the College.

For the record the team finished in fifth position, another step forward after finishing sixth in 2016 and seventh in 2015. Well done with good performances by all boys across the multiple disciplines.

The following boys need to be congratulated for their first placings in respective events.

Bernie King

  • 10 years Shot Put (new GPS record)
  • 10 years Discus

Samuel Hindmarsh

  • 11 years Long Jump – Div 1
  • 11 years 200m – Div 2
  • 11 years 100m – Div 2

Dylan Ryan

  • 11 years 200m – Div 8

Joseph Balkin

  • 11 years 200m – Div 4
  • 11 years 100m – Div 6

Max Van-Balen

  • 11 years 100m – Div 1
  • 11 years 200m – Div 1

Hunter Knight

  • 11 years Discus – Div 1

Lachlan McGeever

  • 11 years 100m – Div 7

Tate Connors

  • 11 years 100m – Div 3

Special mention to Harrison Ott in the 12 years for his performances in 200m Div 1, 800m Div 2, 100m Div 2 and his 4 x 100m Relay Div 1.

Well done to all boys.

The Senior members of the Track and Field community will travel to QSAC this Friday for the last event on the GPS Sporting Calendar for 2018.

Thank you to all boys who have participated so far this season. Stretching from the early introductory sessions in Term 1, through to Terms 2 and 3 and the final weeks of Term 4, these boys are to be congratulated on their effort.

There are many notable performances to look forward to this Friday – from sprinters to the middle- distance boys, to the jumpers and throwers. Perhaps the most notable is the highly anticipated performance from the Captain our team – Oscar Sullivan, who will compete in the Discus, Shot Put, Javelin and 4 x 100m. Four very distinct and different disciplines which underpin the extraordinary talent this young man has.

Oscar has been well supported this year by Vice-Captain, Nicholas Yem and our year leaders.

  • Open – Nicholas Erzetic and Nick Beall
  • Under 16 - Keegan Sullivan
  • Under 15 - Ben McMahon
  • Under 14 - Matthew Mitchell
  • Under 13 - Joseph Liddy

Through action and not words these quiet unassuming young men have sought out their mates and encouraged them to commit to Track and Field.

Thank you to the Open age boys who will compete for the final time this Friday. This is a regular group of young men who have represented the College with distinction every year since their commencement at the College. Thank you to all these boys as they draw a close on their Terrace Track and Field journey this Friday night.


A reminder that the team and community will gather in the ‘Sprinters Room’ – immediately after the presentations on Friday evening.

It will be a chance to close the season formally and congratulate and thank the boys publicly.

  • Start time – approximately 8pm
  • Finish time – approximately 9pm
  • Cost – Free of charge
  • Cash Bar available
  • Light finger food being served