Years 5 and 6 Program Leader | Mr Brendan Ganley

Transition is a consistent theme across Terrace at the moment. This experience of transition has varying degrees of meaning for different groups. For our Senior students, only a couple of weeks remain before they take on the greatest transition of all which has them leaving the surrounds of Terrace and making their way in the big world. Each year level will transition with different challenges facing them. For the younger men of the College, our Years 5 and 7 students will be that little bit more experienced than our new students. Year 6 will be faced with the challenge of making their way into the Senior part of the school and welcoming 130 more students in the process. All transitions pose challenges which is why the way in which we finish this year and prepare ourselves for the next phase of our Terrace journey is crucial. Great steps can be taken by finishing this year on a positive note and taking that experience and meeting the new phase with a spring in the step.

The transition process continues with Year 6 on retreat next Wednesday 1 November at Tennyson. This is a time for reflection, to look back on what has been achieved so far and of course what is to come with high school life of Terrace.

With each start to a term, academic mentoring takes place and it is always great to hear how our young men have adapted each term to change their study habits. Whether it be through what they are addressing at home with sleep, study space and hardest one of all, time management. At school, it is being prepared for the first five minutes of the lesson so that the key concepts are not missed. How can I engage, respond and comprehend the lesson? Then to finish off the week, reviewing the work with diary use or extra notes to help during exam time.

Last Thursday, Terrace competed in the blue ribbon event on the GPS calendar, the Junior GPS Track and Field carnival at QSAC. It was a fantastic way to finish the GPS season with some incredible performances on the day. Personal bests and records were achieved. Well done to all competitors.

Last Friday was the annual Years 5 and 6 spelling competition and after preliminary rounds, Archie Lunn (Year 5) and George Scanlan (Year 6) were our eventual winners in their respective finals. Congratulations to both men on their efforts.

A reminder to parents in Years 5 and 6 to log onto Parent Lounge and accept your son for the end of year excursion. Acceptance and payment in required by Friday 3 November.

Enjoy the week.