Dean of Studies | Mrs Julie Quinn

Exam Timetables

On Monday this week, timetables were issued to all students up to Year 11. These exam timetables are documents that should be used to strategically set the final revision program prior to exams. Study plans should have already allowed for revision to be well underway and as such, the exam timetable should be used to make the final preparations leading into the exams.

Spare copies of exam timetables can be obtained from Student Services. Parents can access these via the College App or in Parent Lounge (Links section).

Celebration of Excellence

Next Monday we celebrate the outstanding performances of many boys and groups across the College. Around 430 boys will be acknowledged for academic excellence. This represents 26% of the student population. This is the highest percentage that we have ever achieved. Again, I thank and congratulate our students and our staff for their dedication to learning.

All students receiving an award will be issued with a designated seat number that needs to be checked on the lists on the windows opposite Student Services.

New Senior System

Last week the QCAA held a conference at the Convention centre that gave further information around the new Senior system commencing in 2020. This new system will be referred to as the QCE (Queensland Certificate of Education).

Below is the summary delivered by Mr Chris Rider, the CEO of QCAA, outlining some of the contributions that the new QCE system will provide.

What’s in it for students?
  • Better evidence of fair subject results
  • Reduced quantity of summative assessment
  • Consistency across subjects
  • New curriculum offerings
  • Focus on 21st century skills
  • Improved confidence in comparability of subject results across schools
  • An easy to understand subject result
  • A reduced summative assessment load on students
  • Fully funded face-to-face PD
  • Consistent expectations
  • Reduced quantity of preparing and marking assessment
  • Better resources including mock assessment
  • Instrument specific marking guides
  • No requirement for school work program
  • Feedback from endorsement of assessment
  • Opportunity to be endorser, confirmer or external marker
  • Increased reliability and validity of subject results
  • No requirement to provide results
  • Portal and on-line ICT system

The current OP system continues to be a focus both for our school and the QCAA.

Parent Resources

Parents may find the links below helpful. They are diverse in content, ranging from gaming addiction to numeracy and literacy resources.