Director of Sport | Mr Damian Wright

Congratulations to all boys who were involved in Track and Field last Friday.

The Championships are a long day running from 11.30am through to presentations at 7.45pm. Thank you to all the boys who competed and to those boys and families who attended the post event function to celebrate.

For the record, the team recorded eigth place – down from sixth place in 2016. As a team, we did not perform as well as we wanted, but rather than being dejected about the final placing, the team and all involved should view and identify with what occurred as an opportunity to learn to improve. Identify what did not work – learn from it and strive for improvement both as individuals and as a team.

The Championship of 2017 is a learning opportunity. The GPS Championships in 2015 and 2016 were significant steps forward in performance. This year has been a reality check and a serious ‘wakeup call’. We will take stock and rebound in 2018.

Personally, I was exceptionally impressed by many boys who competed in events that were not necessarily their ‘pet’ event, but for the sake of the College tried to the best of their abilities. These athletes were outstanding, selfless and diligent.

Congratulations to all athletes who recorded personal bests. Performance under pressure was outstanding.

Hudson Seefeld (Under 13 100m), Oliver Seawright (Under 16 1500m) and Oscar Sullivan (Open Javelin) were victorious on the day, winning their events. The College celebrated their victories at assembly this week with the three boys ringing the “Championship Bell”. A special mention must go to Oscar Sullivan who recorded five victories in five years – an exceptional achievement.

The Year 11 students who supported the Track and Field team were outstanding in their enthusiasm and fervor. Their efforts all night long to lift the team was noticed and truly appreciated. Thank you.

Thank you to the Support Group – Terrun for the support you provide to the athletes throughout the entire Track and Field season.

Finally, thank you to all the coaches involved and especially to Mr Anthony Hayward and Ms Tatiana Grigorieva for their leadership. Well done.