Principal’s Message | Dr Michael Carroll

Dear Members of the Terrace Family,

Over the last couple of weeks, the Year 11 students have been participating in their leadership program. Part of the process is the election of the College Captains and House Captains. It is my privilege to announce the following students as our 2018 Leaders:

College Captain: Jacob Montaner

College Vice Captains: Jack Boland, Thomas Dearlove, Thomas Pappalardo and William Roach


The Year 12 students will next week commence their final block of exams and Friday week (17 November) will be their final day as Terrace students. The Valedictory Assembly along with Mass and the Graduation Dinner form an important part of their journey at Terrace. I congratulate our Year 12 students on the way they have upheld the traditions of a Terrace Gentleman. Well done Gentlemen.

Last Saturday I attended a ten-year Anniversary Mass for Vicki Sargent. There were a large number of people at the Mass and it was a special opportunity for all who knew Vicki to remember this special person.

Tomorrow the Terrace Ladies Group Thanksgiving Mass will be held in the Chapel of the Holy Family. Again, this is a way of gathering and saying thank you to the many people who form part of the Terrace Ladies Group. In particular, it is an opportunity to thank all of the Year 12 Mothers, some of whom will begin their journey from Terrace. My special thanks to Mrs Melissa Josephson and the TLG Committee for the extraordinary work and support they have given during 2017. Thank you very much.

Last week, Terrace was placed a creditable eighth place in the GPS Track and Field competition. The athletes competed very well, and we are proud of their efforts. My thanks to Mr Anthony Hayward, Ms Tatiana Grigorieva and all the coaches for their efforts throughout the season. Well done to all involved.

Last Sunday the Terrace Senior and Junior Theatresports Teams each won the State Finals. This is an outstanding effort and I congratulate all of the students involved and their coaches.

Finally, this week, I remind all students about the importance of preparing well for the upcoming exams. With only a couple of weeks before they commence, it is important to be focussing on study and revision.

Have a great week.

God bless,

Dr Michael Carroll
College Principal