Years 7, 8 and 9 Program Leader | Mr Damien Coman

Week 5 is no doubt a ‘fork in the road’ where boys need to ensure that they are taking the right path for the remainder of the year. It is a time where orals and assignments are being completed. Trying to find good chunks of time for these are essential and weekends can be very valuable in this way.

The problem of course is that homework is still being done to help boys prepare for their upcoming exams and this needs to be completed each night. The final challenge is then to concentrate on revising a subject or subjects as next week is Week 6 and exams are just around the corner. With just over three weeks of school left I encourage our boys to work as hard as they can to earn that wonderful big break over summer.

Recent research indicates that adolescents are spending more non-school related time on devices, which in turn is affecting the amount of sleep they are getting. A San Diego State University study found the number of teens getting less than seven hours sleep a night rose by 17% from 2009 and a staggering 58% from 1991! The data also showed the more time young people spent online, the less sleep they got.