College Dean | Mr Chris Ryan

In 2018, we look forward to welcoming Mr David Giles, Ms Natalie Berndt and Ms Donna Compton back to the College. Mr Giles will be returning from the UK and will join our main campus staff team. Ms Berndt returns after completing a contract with us this year and Ms Compton returns from maternity leave and both will join Mr Giles on the main campus faculty. We also look forward to welcoming new members of staff, Ms Maryanne Costi and Ms Nicolette Cleary to the College on main campus in 2018. The College advertised for the positions of Drama Coordinator, Counsellor and Development Officer over the weekend and these recruitment processes will continue over the coming weeks.

Dr Carroll announced on Monday evening at the Celebration of Excellence that Mr Adrian Pauley will conclude his time on the teaching faculty at the end of this year. There will be an opportunity to acknowledge Mr Pauley formally but suffice to say, his contribution to the young men and parents of Treacy House was immense and his contribution as teacher and a person of substance, character and wisdom is among the greatest of contributions in our 142 year history. His role modelling as a Catholic person who is teacher, mentor, coach, friend, husband, father and grandfather has been a gift to Terrace. If he wasn’t an All Black supporter, he would be near perfect. ‘AP’ will be missed in the halls, corridors and playgrounds of daily life at Terrace next year, but he will remain involved and connected in various forums and projects including his beloved public speaking; the legend will live on.