Dean of Identity | Mr Charles Brauer

‘Making a Real Difference’

The concept of ‘making a difference’ resonates with our humanity. However, many of us (including me!) want to ‘make a realdifference’. I was provided a healthy reminder of this as I joined an intimate gathering of friends from our Edmund Rice Network who gathered at City Hall last Friday night for the Edmund Rice Foundation Australia’s (ERFA) function.

Those in attendance at the ERFA function held one thing in common, they too feel called to ‘make a realdifference’. We gathered in support of the Christian Brothers' Ministries in Kenya. Significantly for our Terrace community, this special gathering also affirmed our Terrace Family’s commitment to our friends of Timor-Leste, another ministry of the Christian Brothers.

The TTN have continue to lead our Terrace Family’s response to supporting the Christian Brothers’ Timor-Leste ministry, determined to ‘make a real difference’ to the women of Railaco.

You can ‘make a real difference’ this Christmas, providing two days of work for the Women of Railaco. By purchasing a pack of handcrafted gift cards, you will ‘make a real difference’ to the very same women who have made the cards.

We have set a target of 1000 days of work for our Terrace Family. Our Waterford Place students and families have kicked us along by pledging 400 days of work. It is now over to the remainder of our community to see how close we can get to our target of 1000 days.

As well as responding to our human urge to making a difference, let’s also be mindful that we are responding to the call of the Gospel of Jesus and of the life and example of Edmund Rice.