Dean of Studies | Mrs Julie Quinn

Acknowledgement of Excellence

Our celebration on Monday evening acknowledged many of our students for their commitment and outcomes of their pursuits across academics, sport and culture. It is a proud moment for these young men to receive recognition for their dedication and hard work. As quoted by a previous prize winner -“I will always remember this moment- no material reward could ever match the satisfaction that I felt when I walked across the stage and was recognised by the audience for my hard work”. I know that we have many more of our students who work tirelessly to achieve their best and did not have the opportunity to be formally recognised last Monday evening. To all our boys who work so hard to give their best, I offer my congratulations for the diligence and discipline that you exhibit.

Exam Timetables

Exam timetables have now been issued to all students. This document should be used strategically by students to plan their revision. Spare copies are available from student services and can also be found on Moodle. I encourage all students to give their best effort both within the classroom and also in their preparation for the final exams of the year.

Below are some strategies for successful outcomes in exams:

The night before the exam
  1. Make sure you have checked and packed the required equipment.
  2. Go over rules, dates or any other rote learning that is required.
  3. Mentally list off every topic and key points in the topics that you have covered in the exam subject during the term.
  4. Make sure you get adequate sleep the night before the exam.
On the day of the exam
  1. Make sure you have a good breakfast.
  2. On arrival at school, do not get caught up in ‘panic conversation’ that could undermine your confidence.
  3. Plan your strategy for time allocation prior to the exam.
  4. Be positive and confident! If you have worked hard during the term this is the time when you deserve to be rewarded. Go into the exam feeling strong and confident – do not doubt yourself.
  5. During perusal read the paper carefully. Use a highlighter to remind or make yourself aware of key points.
  6. During the exam be aware of the time. There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to answer a question when you know how to do it!
  7. Work hard for the whole duration of the exam. Check, check and re-check your work until it is time to hand in your paper.
Remember the 3 ‘Ps’ – Prepare, practise and persevere.

New Senior System- QCE

As we gain more information around the new Senior system commencing with the first of the external exams in 2020, we continue to seek best practice for both the delivery of content and ways of maximising outcomes for the boys. We will continue to update the community as planning progresses.