Dean of Students | Mr Damien Fall

We often refer to a student’s time at St Joseph’s College as his ‘Terrace Journey’. For most young men, this journey of five, six or eight years represents a large portion of their short life. Hence, the end of the journey is a significant time, bringing a mixture of feelings. This Friday, we farewell our Seniors at their final College Assembly, followed by the Valedictory Mass and dinner. I would like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to what has been a good cohort of young men. I have been pleased by their cooperation, regard for others and their willingness to make the most of their time at Terrace. They will be remembered for their passion and spirit, particularly in the way they supported each other, both at school and in their co-curricular pursuits. On behalf of the College, I wish these men all the very best as they move on to the next phase of their lives. I am sure they have mixed emotions as they depart, but they know that they will always be Terracians and are always welcome through the gates of the College. Thank you and farewell Seniors of 2017.

We have always made a point of inviting parents to be part of their son’s journey at Terrace and we are blessed to have such a strong level of support from our parent body. There is evidence to indicate that a united approach from school and home helps to get the best out of young men. It is clear that parents want to be part of their sons’ education and hence, this Friday’s Valedictory is an emotional time for many parents as well. We know they will be present in large numbers to help us say farewell. More than 100 of our families conclude their time at Terrace this week so the journey will be over, not just for the Seniors, but also for many of our parents. On behalf of the College, I thank all of our departing parents for placing your faith in Terrace over the years. If ever you have a spare Saturday and feel that something is missing, you can always head out to Tennyson to relive some memories!

Year 11 students have now entered exam block and are only required at school when they have an exam – their academic year is finished when they complete their final exam. We have also asked them to make the effort to be present and farewell the Seniors at Valedictory Assembly this Friday. They are asked to be seated in the Campbell Centre at 2.10pm. For all other students, exams will run over the coming days. Please note that for students from Years 5 to 10, school will conclude at 12.30pm on Friday 24 November. It is an expectation that these students are in attendance until this time. All the very best to students over the next week as they complete their final exams for the year.