Principal’s Message | Dr Michael Carroll

Dear Members of the Terrace Family,

Tomorrow the 2017 Year 12s have their final day as Terrace students. The day is a special one for them, their parents, the staff and the rest of the student body. I thank and congratulate them.

The 2017 Year 12 students have been fine young men, highly spirited and passionate and have been great ambassadors for their College. Ryan Gassman, Bill Bingham, Jack Kimmins, Matthew Lo Grande and Will Cook for their leadership throughout this year. Well done Year 12 and good luck for your future journey.

As well as students leaving, there are also many families departing Terrace. To the 167 families who leave Terrace this year from Year 12, I say thank you for your support over the years. Thank you for the partnership you have formed and for the journey you have travelled with your son. To all our Year 12 students and their families - Thank you and good luck.

As one group of students leave, another group prepares their transition into leadership. I have previously published the 2018 College Leaders in the Terrace News. I wish College Captain, Jacob Montaner and his team all the best and have great confidence that they will continue the tradition of outstanding student leadership.

With the end of the academic year upon us, all students are currently on exams. It is very important that good revision and exam preparation is followed. It is critical for students to be well-rested in preparation for their exams. Equally important is that they have the correct equipment for their exams. This organisational and physical preparation is as important at this stage as the study and revision preparation. The other factor to consider at this stage of the year is the importance of finishing well and ensuring normal behaviour and uniform expectations are followed. Your reinforcement of these expectations will assist in ensuring a good end of year is achieved by all.

Finally this week, as the end of year approaches, can I remind parents and students that text books need to be returned to Book Hire and that the range of clinics and camps offered over the holidays can be accessed via the Parent Lounge.

Have a great week.

Dr Michael Carroll

College Principal