College Dean | Mr Chris Ryan

Christmas Blessings

Christmas is a time for celebration, reflection and renewal. The arrival of the Christ Child is a reminder of His gift to us and the challenge to place His mission at the centre of what we do and say in the ordinary times and days of each year. The miracle of Jesus’s own humanity; His joy, His compassion and His message is a miracle for us to share in our own humanity. Terrace is a very human community, blessed abundantly by God and wonderfully complex, multi layered, challenging and sometimes exhausting! At Christmas, we have a chance to be born in Christ and to be nourished and energised to do it all again! I wish the Terrace Family a Holy and happy Christmas and look forward to a new year of new opportunities, relationships and community. Christmas Blessings to all.

Staff News

During and at the end of the term, we have and will farewell the following members of staff. We thank them for their contributions to the Terrace Family and wish them every success in the future:

  • Mr Michael Beh
  • Mr Alex Berry
  • Mrs Philomena Burke
  • Ms Diana Coetze
  • Mr Steve Faulkner
  • Ms Simone Hope
  • Mr Adrian Pauley
  • Mr Steve Sexton
  • Mr Matthew Shields
  • Mr David Webster

In 2018, we will welcome the following staff who are joining our community on a full time continuing basis:

  • Ms Jai-Leigh Beard (Counsellor)
  • Ms Natalie Berndt (returning) (Teacher)
  • Ms Nicolette Cleary (Teacher)
  • Mr Patrick Collins (returning) (Teacher)
  • Mrs Maryanne Costi (Teacher)
  • Mr David Giles (returning) (Teacher)
  • Ms Emma Hatchett (Coordinator of Drama