Captains' Corner | College Captain, Jacob Montaner

Welcome back everyone! And a special greeting to those who recently joined our Terrace Family. After nudging closer and closer, our Senior year is finally here and what an exciting time it is to be a Terracian. First and foremost, I would like to introduce you to the Vice Captains; Zachary Boland (Bolus), Thomas Dearlove (Dearlove), Thomas Pappalardo (Paps or Pappa) and William Roach (Roachy), each of whom serve as an inspiration for myself and many others. On behalf of the team, I sincerely thank the Seniors and teachers alike for entrusting their faith in us as leaders.

Since my early days in Year 8, I have always been aware of a certain “feeling” in my cohort. This “feeling” has expressed itself in various forms, from the immense support given to the Under 13As in their battle for the Rugby premiership, to the passing “g’days” in the corridors. It is an indescribable, intangible and unforgettable feeling. When elected as College leaders late last year we were immediately asked to decide upon a motto. The motto would provide a direction for our school community and, ideally, be a reflection of our grade. What better than “Shoulder to Shoulder”?

In 2018, we will achieve wonderful things, but we will also experience moments of failure and defeat. That is to be expected. What will set us apart however, is our support for one another, our respect for one another and our love for one another. In 2018, we will stand shoulder to shoulder, on a community level, a school level and an individual level. Shoulder to shoulder we will reach out to those in need, and shoulder to shoulder we will stand with those in need. Shoulder to shoulder we will cheer on our 1st XV, and shoulder to shoulder we will stand with our 1st XV. Shoulder to shoulder we will help our mates through thick and thin, and shoulder to shoulder we will stand with our mates through thick and thin.

On behalf of the Seniors, I invite all Terracians to stand shoulder to shoulder with us and work together to make 2018 the most successful year possible.