Dean of Students | Mr Damien Fall

On behalf of our pastoral team, I would like to extend a very warm welcome to all of our families as we commence the new academic year. I trust that the return to school has been as smooth as possible, whether you are a GT veteran or joining us for the first time. There are two terms which are a common part of the Terrace language. The first is what we call the Atmosphere of Care – the idea that all members of our community have a responsibility to build a culture in which everyone is valued for their unique gifts. The second is Formation of the Terrace Gentleman, which refers to our efforts to help parents in ensuring the young men of Terrace grow to be the best they can be. A great deal goes into making these concepts a reality, and while we can never claim to be perfect, they are of the highest priority.

It is important that parents are aware of the key staff in the lives of their sons. From a pastoral perspective, the first points of contact are the House Tutor and House Dean. I encourage families to build strong relationships with these people and to make contact if you ever need assistance or advice. The first formal opportunity to connect is at our Parent/Tutor evening on 14 February and I encourage parents to come along and spend a brief time with your son’s Tutor. Information about this event is being sent home separately.

Two important events that are approaching are our Opening Mass / Senior Induction on 2 February and the Inter-House Swimming Carnival on 9 February. Details about these events are also being communicated separately. We look forward to full attendance and participation at these important College events.

A key to the success of our students is a set of guidelines we have termed ‘The Terrace Way’. If students are able to follow The Terrace Way, they are most likely to be performing to their potential, both in and out of the classroom. One expectation is that students lock their phones in their lockers while they are at school. The distraction of phones gets in the way of learning and genuine human interactions. Students have been made aware that staff will confiscate phones they see being used at school. This stance has been met with great support from parents and we look forward to this continuing throughout 2018.

I look forward to another highly productive year. All the best to our families as we get into the full swing of Term 1.