Dean of Identity | Mr Charles Brauer

Embraced, then betrayed

Our Catholic faith is embedded in infinite wisdom. It doesn’t get much better than the wisdom wrapped up in the story and message of Holy Week. The concept of being joyously embraced by others, only to be then betrayed by that same community, to then also be denied and banished, is as confronting today and it was confronting for Jesus millennia ago. 

How have you been confronted by betrayal, denial and banishment in your life? 

Articulating the story, meaning and theology of Holy Week and Easter to young people is challenging. Our Holy Thursday liturgy provided our Terrace Family with this opportunity by centering on the concept of betrayal, denial and the stifling of life:

We betray others when we refuse to listen. 
We deny others when we silence their voice. 
We stifle life when we turn our backs on supporting others.

Fortunately, the wisdom of the Easter story gives us hope and new life. Be it as offender or as sufferer of betrayal or denial, through the moment of Easter Sunday, Jesus rises within us, within our relationships and within our actions to make a difference for peace, compassion and justice for others.

Oscar Romero (Archbishop of San Salvador) committed his life to enacting the call of Easter. He fought tirelessly in his work as a human rights advocate and ally of social justice, particularly for the people of his nation, El Salvador.  His final words while presiding over his final mass form a fitting message for us to reflect upon on this Holy Thursday, as we prepare for the joy of Easter.

Whoever offers their life out of love for Christ, and in service to others, will live like the seed that dies…..May this immolated body and this blood sacrificed for all nourish us so that we may offer our body and blood as Christ did, and thus bring justice and peace to our people. Let us join together, then, in the faith and hope of this intimate moment of prayer…
Archbishop Oscar Romeo 24 March 1980

I wish all members of our Terrace Family, and extended family and friends a safe and Holy Easter.

The Good News of Terrace 

Joshua Long, Jacob Lawrence, Angus Mohr, Joseph Wenck and Noah Stevens with Mr Zammit representing Terrace at the Salvation Army’s Red Shield Appeal.