Captain's Corner | Vice Captain, Thomas Dearlove

Week 2 is here, and the Nudgee round is fast approaching.

Several significant events have occurred this week in preparation for the upcoming weekend. The College Captains and myself have worked hard to gain strong support for our 1st XI Cricketers and 1st VI Volleyball. To stress the importance of being shoulder to shoulder in support this weekend, we have introduced five spirit leaders; collectively called the Spirit Squad. With assistance from our Senior cohort, Will Baker (Bakes), Edward Hinz (Hinzo), Jai Eastman (Easty), Max Poteri (Maxy) and Nick Fury (Fury) were selected. These boys are completely dedicated to our co-curricular activities, supporting every event, from Rugby right through to Chess, in full spirit. They lead by example, showing new and younger students the importance of supporting our brothers.

On Tuesday, we had our first Spirit Assembly. Spirit assemblies have always been one of my favourite aspects of Terrace. It is something that is unique to the community and allows the College to be united in recognition of our sportsmen. As always, the assembly was finished with a whole school war cry. Lucky enough to lead the war cry, I walked through the middle of the crowd and observed the students around me. I was inspired to see the white shirts spread out throughout the Campbell Centre, with their arms around their Years 5 and 7 buddies. Everyone was engaged and cheering as loudly as possible. A great sign of what is to come in 2018.

On Wednesday, the newly formed Spirit Squad and College Captains went over to Waterford for War Cry practice. It was pleasing to go to Waterford and see how the Year 10s were settling in. The boys seemed to be fully embracing the Waterford experience. This was clearly evident during the War Cry practice. I was surprised and excited to see some of the Year 10s getting up and leading war cries themselves. It will be great to have such loud and enthusiastic support from them this year, and in particular, this weekend.

I am confident to say that this weekend, against strong Nudgee support, we will stand Shoulder to Shoulder. Good luck to everyone competing.