Director of Music | Acting Director, Mr Jan Hewerdine

We have almost reached the end of the second week of term and by this stage all ensembles and instrumental lessons should be in full swing. Students and parents should have received some contact from teachers as well as copies of timetables by this stage. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Music department as soon as possible -

There have been a small number of requests for cancellation of lessons during the past week. While we understand that circumstances may change, please keep in mind that many of our music staff are casual employees with teaching portfolios across multiple schools and last minute changes to scheduling can have a dramatic impact on their overall schedule. As outlined on page 6 of the Co-Curricular Music and Speech & Drama Information Booklet (found in the Terrace App-Culture | Music), two full weeks' notice prior to the end of term is required to cancel lessons for the following term or you will be billed. If you have any questions, please contact

As the year begins and we are all focussing on establishing good habits and regular routines, it is timely to highlight some information about recent research on how musical activity affects the brain. The following link,, will take you to a TED Talk about how playing an instrument engages the participant’s brain. As part of a well rounded education, the study of music provides students with an activity that will assist their development across many disciplines and provides them with an interest they can pursue for many years to come.

Students are reminded that instruments need to be stored correctly in the storage spaces provided in the Instrument Storeroom and MU2 and taken home at the end of the day for personal practice. Please ensure that your son’s instrument case is clearly labelled with his name and a contact phone number and/or email.

On Monday we assigned instruments out to all Year 5 boys. In Years 5 and 6, classroom music at Terrace is taught through instrumental performance and theory. Your son will learn either a band instrument (brass, woodwind, percussion) or a string instrument (violin, viola, cello, bass). These instruments are loaned for the duration of the course, free of charge, and have been supplied at great personal cost by Mr Norman Clarke (GT, 1947-52). Over the years, Mr Clarke has spent in excess of $200 000 providing instruments for this program. We are very lucky to have this financial support for music and I hope that your son will make the most of this unique opportunity. For new families, please note that this is a curriculum subject, which is separate from Co-Curricular Music.

This Friday at 7am in Room MU2 we commence rehearsals for the newly formed Terrace Symphony Orchestra. This ensemble now replaces the former Terrace Chamber Orchestra. Please be aware that those who are singing at the Year 12 Induction Mass this Friday are not expected to be at the orchestra’s rehearsal, since you have an early start at the university.

We have two workshops running concurrently this Sunday:

Callan Red and Black String Ensembles Workshop and Concert, Sunday 4 February, 9am-3pm, Edmund Rice Theatre, Waterford Place and

Red Concert Band Workshop, Sunday 4 February, 8.45am-12pm.

These events need to be accepted by families as soon as possible through Parent Lounge.

Please check the Terrace App and Parent Lounge regularly as this is where information regarding various events (see the list below) will now be published. As events are approved and posted to the Parent Lounge, you will be sent an email advising the name of the event, including the Event Memo, to check and you will be required to give a response regarding attendance. Event Memos will also be available through the Terrace App in Music and will no longer be emailed separately.

Please note that there has been a correction regarding the GTOBA Mass (see below)

Term 1 Events

  • Opening Mass, Terrace Choir and Mass Band, Friday 2 February, University of Queensland
  • Callan Red and Black String Ensembles Workshop and Concert, Sunday 4 February, 9am-3pm, Edmund Rice Theatre, Waterford Place
  • Red Concert Band Workshop, Sunday 4 February, 8.45am-12pm
  • GTOBA Mass, Terrace Choir, Sunday 11 February, Chapel of the Holy Family
  • GPS Music Showcase, Thursday 22 February, Music Dept.
  • Chamber Music Concert, Wednesday 28 February, 6-7.30pm, Edmund Rice Theatre, Waterford Place
  • ANZAC Day Marching Band (SWE and Red Thunder Drumline), Saturday 3 March, 8.30am-6.50pm, Stanthorpe Apple and Grape Festival
  • Terrace Open Day, Wednesday 7 March, 4-7pm, Terrace