Years 5 - 6 Program Leader | Mr Brendan Ganley

We speak about the concept of ‘community’ regularly at Terrace, but where do we experience this? Themes of family and community will be present tomorrow as we welcome the new year through our Opening Mass. A great occasion to induct our Senior class, but also to come together as one and celebrate the year ahead. This was such a big week for our new members of the Terrace Family. One of the highlights is to have our new students establish the Terrace bond, all wearing the familiar colours on the sporting field. There is much for the students to take in during their first week and it is always a highlight on that first Saturday to see the new students bound by familiar colours on the sporting field. From only being together for a week, and marching out as one during their first cricket game, our young men could feel a part of this family, whether celebrating a wicket or that first victory, the community spirit was strong on Saturday.

From the first week of a new year, our school, like many work places, can be busy. One way in which we can be prepared at Terrace is to attend to the business side of school life such as consulting our assessment calendars, which are in circulation and should be used to map out the first term. The second useful tool is our academic planner, which allows us to plot all our important events throughout the term. This attention to preparation can give us the time to balance our study lives with sport and family events.

Years 5 and 6 students are reminded about the changes to yard space. They are playing at Victoria Park each morning tea and lunch time. Sunscreen is provided, but it is recommended that this is applied before coming to school each day. Students in Years 5 and 6 are welcome to change into running shoes for play at morning tea and lunch.

It was great catching up with parents at the Parent Information evenings this week. This was a great opportunity to meet each boy’s teacher and to become familiar with his learning environment.