Years 7, 8 and 9 Program Leader | Mr Damien Coman

Can you believe next week is Week 4? That is the question I have been posing to students to indicate just how time flies and how you have to prepare early or the workload can get on top of you. Boys should have completed a weekly plan in Formation and have it up in their room at home. The main idea here is that the ‘realities of life’ are taken into consideration such as travel, co-curricula commitments and dinner, so that they can then see the time available for homework, revision and assignments.

If there are days where boys are home later it is good for them to have written, in front of them, what time they are aiming to start their homework and revision. On the other hand, those days where boys are home quite early can be a great chance to spend more time on their work and actually have some of their own time as well. That may involve getting started on homework at 4pm though to set up the rest of the night.

Whilst writing times on plans is obviously easy and sticking to it is more challenging, one thing is for sure, if it is not in front of the student they will often take the easier option and postpone work until later. Adults know that getting routines and good habit forming is essential in time management.

Students need to be revising in their checklist booklets (these were handed out in Years 7, 8 and 9 assembly on the first day of school). Each Head of Faculty has provided the main areas that students need to understand and recall for their end of term exams.

Year 7 - This can be a rollercoaster for both students and families in their first weeks. The Year 7s have done very well so far navigating the system. Camps have also commenced and we had a Parent Information evening where House Deans went through how they will be working with the boys.

Year 8 - Parent information night was held on Monday. Students need to ask themselves if they are using the processes that they have learnt and the resources available to help them improve.

Year 9 - Roll Call had a good attendance last week and I would like to see more boys join in the conversations and note taking that we hold in Room 5.4 from 7.50am on Fridays.