Years 5 and 6 Program Leader | Mr Brendan Ganley

Yesterday as a Catholic/Christian community, we started the season of Lent with our Ash Wednesday liturgy. Lent is a significant time in the church calendar when we are called to reflect on the meaning of our faith journey. It is a season of prayer, repentance, fasting and connection.

Last Tuesday, we welcomed back our OP1 recipients and acknowledged not only their achievements, but the extraordinary work of the whole Year 12 class of 2017. The stories and strategies that were shared were there for all students to take on board. These strategies are the stepping stones or guidelines to keep in mind for Terrace students as they begin the period in the term where assessment takes centre stage.

The key words from the Scholars' Assembly were time, hard work and placing yourself in the best environment to succeed. These key areas can be worked on and achieved throughout 2018, not only for our current Year 12 students, but also for our newest members experiencing the Terrace culture for the first time.

These strategies would have been instilled in the minds of those young men who received academic medals on Tuesday when they embarked on their first years at Terrace.

Next week marks the half way point in our term. The settling into new classes and subjects has taken place and now it is time to establish that learning environment whether it be a study plan, a quiet space or a study group. These steps lead to greater success.

It was a busy week in Year 5 with a visit from Geckoes Wildlife to provide some examples of how animals adapt to their environment in order to survive. Today and tomorrow Year 5 will travel into the city as part of the Humanities and Religion unit of study and visit the Commissariat Store and St Stephen’s chapel. On Wednesday and Thursday next week, we travel to St Helena Island as another part of the experiential approach to learning for the young men. The guided study of St Helena gives students an insight into Brisbane’s colourful past.

It is important to begin planning for assessment to reduce the pressure and panic that go with last minute efforts when poor choices are made. Be prepared and plan.

Enjoy the week.