College Dean | Mr Chris Ryan

Staff News

Mr Terry Thompson, Dean of Treacy House and his wife Vanessa have been blessed with the safe arrival of their first child, Isabel, this week. Congratulations to all. Mr Thompson will be on paternity leave for the fortnight commencing this Monday. Mr Gary Stickley, a regular member of our relief staff will cover Mr Thompson’s classes during this time. Mr John Hawthorne, a member of Treacy House will act as Dean for this fortnight. I thank Mr Hawthorne for his assistance.

Mr Glenn Brown, our Property and Services Manager is taking well-earned long service leave for the remainder of the term. During this time, Mr Brown is travelling to South Africa for the Australian Test Cricket Series with Merv Hughes as his guide. We hope he comes back! We wish Mr Brown the very best for this exciting time. During the remainder of the term, Mr Terry Cullen, a member of our Property Team, will act as the manager. We wish Mr Cullen the best for this experience. We will also welcome back Mr Hassan Ali who worked with us in 2016 as a part of the Multicultural Development Association Work and Welcome Program sponsored by our staff. We look forward to seeing Hassan again.