Years 5 and 6 Program Leader | Mr Brendan Ganley

The focus this week is on the added opportunity to improve. Preparation is vital at this stage of the year as assignments are being submitted and exams are fast moving upon us. Year 5 exam block begins in Week 8. The cohort then takes part in the first Outdoor Education experience in Weeks 9 and 10. The rest of the classes will prepare for exams in Week 9.  With the assignments being handed in at present, time is to be given in preparation for the Week 8 exam block.

The idea of seizing an opportunity still applies to our assessment period of the term. However, the learning opportunities that Year 5 students experienced last week outside the classroom are also very important. Year 5 students have recently travelled to St Helena Island as part of their History unit that focuses on Local Colonisation and centres on life in the 1800s. Large waves and choppy seas combined to make a rough crossing for our first group, but it was a much smoother trip for a second group heading across Moreton Bay. Students got a taste of what life would have been like as a colonial prisoner on St Helena Island and for the many men, women and children who were settlers or detained there. The long walk from the jetty, weaving past 1800s buildings and even witnessing a ‘simulated’ flogging were highlights of the day.

At our assembly last week, Years 5 and 6 launched our annual Lenten Appeal. Our annual appeal creates awareness of the season we are entering but also gives us the opportunity to continue our support for the people working in Timor-Leste. Our assembly was also a celebration of young men who have contributed to The Terrace Way by striving to be a Terrace Gentleman. Congratulations to the following students

5 Blue: Cormaic Dunne and Jack Eckersley
5 Green: Jarrod Winks and Harry Bates
5 Red: Rehan De Livera and Leo Carrigan
5 White: Archie Ilott and Edward Fletcher
5 Yellow: Caleb Leydon and Conor Sheehy
6 Blue: Liam Bienkowski and Sam Innes
6 Green: Lachlan Conn and Milan Frolov
6 Red: Remy Tollenaere and Will Monckton
6 White: William Rehbein and Thomas O’Regan

Last Friday, Year 5 students enjoyed an afternoon with their buddies as they took part in an Indoor Football competition. The football was played in fantastic spirit and credit must go the Seniors for their enthusiasm. Reidy and Windsor fought out a tense final with Reidy holding on for a 1-0 victory.

Best of luck must goes to our swimmers taking part in the first major carnival of the year. Years 5-6 students will be heading out to Chandler to support our swimmers in chasing their opportunity to shine. Months of preparation have taken place, so we wish them well. Thanks to the coaches who spent endless hours welding this young team together.