Captains' Corner | Vice Captain Tom Dearlove

Last Friday night was the 100th GPS Swimming Carnival and my last race for Terrace. As I sat in the marshalling room awaiting my race, the echoes of Terrace’s famous war cry ‘Boundary Road’ sent a shiver down my spine. I felt spirit surround me as I anxiously awaited my race. A few moments later, as my dive broke the hallowed waters of Chandler, I felt the entire spirit and wild cheers of the Years 10 and 12 cohorts propelling me through the water. In my eight years of GPS Swimming, I have never heard such loud and enthusiastic support. A mate came up to me at the end of my race and stated “I nearly passed out I was cheering that loud”. The hard work of our coaches, parents and supporters led us to the best result Terrace had secured in well over a decade. A final school result of fourth place and an incredible victory for our Junior swimmers who won their carnival. 

This Saturday is another big event on our calendar; Head of the River. A Terrace rower is a unique beast, he epitomises the very essence of hard work. To the boys who are racing this weekend, we admire your commitment and fortitude. It takes guts to do what you do. All rowers rest assured, a convoy will stretch from Brisbane to Wyaralong Dam on Saturday as your supporters travel to stand shoulder to shoulder on the banks of the water course, acclaiming your hard work. To the rowers and their families, we all know what you have committed this year and we wish you strength and success on Saturday. You deserve it.

Upon approaching exam block, hard work has been manifest in our study preparation. This time of the year not only do we juggle the euphoria of GPS sporting conquests, but we also focus on our first term exams - they are just around the corner. There is nothing more important than kicking off the academic year, especially for our Seniors, with a solid performance in Term 1. I wish all the student population the best with their hard work for upcoming exams. 

This weekend and in the upcoming weeks, with pressures of sport and academia, we will stand tall as we stand shoulder to shoulder with one another.