College Dean | Mr Chris Ryan

Staff News

Congratulations to Mr Josh Kersevani and his wife Ellie on the arrival of their first child, a son named Frankie. Everyone is doing well and it is lovely to have so many babies arriving for our staff community.

Mrs Jo Pacheco, a member of our IT Services team has tendered her resignation from the College as she has secured a new role closer to home on the coast. We thank Jo for her expertise, positivity and relational approach to her work here at Terrace and wish her well.

As Mr Mason Hellyer has been appointed as Acting Dean of Studies for the second half of Term 2 while Mrs Julie Quinn is on leave, Mr Rob Sweeper has been appointed as Acting Head of Health and Physical Education for this time. We congratulate Mr Sweeper and wish him well for this experience.

Mr Peter Whitehouse, the Coordinator of IPT and Digital Technologies is also taking some long service leave for the first four weeks of Term 2. We wish him well for this time. Mr Tony Nicita will be joining our staff to look after Mr Whitehouse’s classes for this period and congratulations and thank you to Mr Phil Hiett who will act as Subject Coordinator IPT and Digital Technologies.

Middle Leadership Appraisals and Educator Impact

I have commented on this process a couple of times. Our Middle Leaders are presently engaged in their professional appraisal process which collects data from self reflection, supervisors, peers and direct reports against eight domains of leadership. I thank the Middle Leaders; House Deans, Heads of Faculty and Program Leaders and the wider staff for their professional engagement with this important process. For your interest, I have included the leadership domains being used below:  

• Vision
• Developing People
• Building Trust
• Modelling Excellence
• Catalysing Change
• Communicating Effectively 
• Driving Accountability
• Nurturing Culture
• Managing Issues