Dean of Studies | Mrs Julie Quinn

Recently the media has continued to analyse the Senior results from last year. With statistics allowing for diverse interpretation, the table of top schools has varied among different media articles. Allowing for this variation of interpretation, it was most encouraging to witness the strong placing of our Seniors of last year. To finish within the top four or five schools across Queensland is a credit to both our boys and our staff.

Next year our Seniors of 2019 will be the final group to be awarded an OP score. The Seniors of 2020 will be assessed under the new QCE system and, as such, be awarded with an ATAR score. This score is the system that southern states of Australia operate under. The system will involve students completing three internal assessment items. This internal assessment will be in the form of a report, assignment or an exam. This type of assessment is defined within the syllabus of each subject as outlined by QCAA. The results from these three internal pieces of assessment are then added to the result that a student obtains in the final assessment, which is an exam set externally. The scores from the internal assessment are added to the score from the external assessment. In the case of all Maths and Science subjects, the external exam is worth 50% of the final score. For all other subjects offered at Terrace, the external exam is worth 25% of the final score. These two scores - internal and external - are added to give a final score that contributes to the ATAR score which is based on the best five subjects. As a school we are continuing to attend professional development around the new system and to plan for its inception with our Year 11 students of 2019, our Seniors of 2020.

Exam timetables have now been issued to all boys in all year levels. It is most important that all boys have a study plan to follow in the weeks leading into their exams. These study plans need to state the time that a student intends to spend on their revision and the tasks within the subject that they wish to complete. Having specific tasks/exercises/questions will allow a student to keep focused and will ensure that all work is covered prior to the exams.

Last year one of my diligent and kind students gave me a book entitled “Never Give Up”. I share some of the inspiring quotes- 

“ There is no failure, except in no longer trying” 
“Smooth seas do not make skilful sailors”
“ One may walk over the highest mountain one step at a time”