Director of Sport | Mr Damian Wright

Term 2 activities finished on Saturday in the last round of fixtures against TGS. Results across the board were very good on the day with Terrace winning the majority of fixtures in both Football and Tennis.

Congratulations to all boys on finishing off strongly in their respective teams – the seasons in both activities had many highlights.  For the record, the two flagship teams of the programs had good results for the year.

The 1st IV Tennis team worked through some very crucial injuries, but came out with a strong third place in the premiership. Well done. It was very gratifying to see our young men step up from the 2nds and place themselves under pressure to perform, and perform they did, winning the last two fixtures against IGS and TGS respectively.

The 1st XI Football team finished in fifth place, but with better execution they could easily have challenged for first place. Defensive lapses really hurt in the end and when the season wound up on Saturday the team was recognised as having scored more goals this year than all Terrace 1st XI teams for the last six years combined.  That is a great statistic. Goal scoring whiz Byron McLeod needs to be congratulated for scoring four hat tricks during the year for the 1st XI. Captain Noah Hitchcock was instrumental in the strong performances all season and the Year 12 boys were superb in their leadership.

The holiday break has numerous activities, camps and clinics available to all boys – primarily focused on Rugby and Basketball. Make yourself available for trials and compete. The season starts the first weekend back in Term 3 in an away game against BBC.

Track and Field will also have day clinic training sessions available in preparation for the championships in Term 4.

Please check the college App for holiday activities/opportunities.