Principal’s Message | Dr Michael Carroll

Dear Members of the Terrace Family,

With the end of Term 2 imminent, I take this opportunity to thank you for all that you have done to support your son’s journey during Term 2.  The term has been a full one, and I am sure that you and your sons are looking forward to a break over the coming weeks. 

The staff will remain at school next week to finish marking and reports.  The reports will again be available electronically via Parent Lounge.  I will send a letter to all families next week and the Semester 1 reports will be available from 9am on Tuesday 3 July.  Details for the Term 3 Parent/Teacher interviews will also be included with these communications.

During the upcoming holidays, staff, students and parents will be involved in a number of tours, camps and clinics, including skiing, music, basketball and rugby.  My thanks to all involved with these programs.

The building program is progressing well and will continue over the holidays.  We are now starting to see some tangible progress.  As part of the current project, work is occurring in the Library.  Much of this is occurring over the holidays and should be concluded for the start of Term 3.

Mrs Sian Graham commences her maternity leave tomorrow.  We wish Sian all the best with the upcoming birth.  Sian’s classes will be covered by Mrs Susie Cooper and Ms Suzanne Black.  Mrs Julie Quinn returns at the start of Term 3.  I thank Mr Mason Hellyer for his efforts as Acting Dean of Studies during Term 2 and to Mr Rob Sweeper and Mr Devon Naeser for their acting roles during this term.

Term 3 commences on Monday 16 July.  Students are required to continue wearing their winter uniform, which includes the College blazer.  I would also ask parents to ensure their sons return to Term 3 in the correct uniform and with appropriate haircuts.

Finally, last week I spent time in Adelaide attending the annual EREA Principals’ Conference.  Held at Rostrevor College, the focus of the Conference was Principals’ Wellbeing.  While I absolutely love being the Principal of Terrace, it was interesting to learn that, statistically, I am in a profession that experiences high stress levels and burn out.  For this reason, our four keynote addresses were based on how to manage stress and improve wellbeing.  The first session was around how we can feed and nurture the three dimensions of our brain – our wild brain, emotional brain and smart brain.  Basically, it all hinges on our wild brain getting plenty of sleep, exercising regularly and eating healthily.  The second session looked more specifically at how we can reduce stress through some simple daily practices such as stretching, breathing slowly and most importantly being in relationships with others.  Our third session looked at how meditation and contemplative prayer can drastically reduce stress levels and increase the prevalence of personal and professional fulfilment.  Lastly, we were given insights into the habits of high achievers and how they maintain effectiveness in their work life while still enjoying personal wellbeing.  This helpful guidance and insight should hold me in good stead for the future.

I again thank you for all your support during Term 2 and wish all families a happy and safe holiday.  See you in Term 3.

God Bless,

Dr Michael Carroll
College Principal