Principal’s Message | Dr Michael Carroll

Dear Members of the Terrace Family,

Last Friday I attended the blessing and unveiling of the College Honour Board for the Malayan Emergency, Korean and Vietnam Wars. A number of Old Boys and their families attended the event in College Hall, as well as the Year 11 Modern History students.  It was a very special gathering as we acknowledged the sacrifice the Terrace Old Boys had made in these conflicts, including three men who lost their lives.  The Honour Board is a magnificent board and was very generously donated by Dr Dominic Katter (GT 86 - 90). My special thanks to Dominic for this generous gift.  I also wish to acknowledge and congratulate the College Archivist, Ms Bianca Anderson, for her efforts in leading this project.  It has been many years in the planning and came to fruition last week.  Congratulations to Bianca on this achievement and for the wonderful display developed in the College Museum that highlights the Vietnam War.

We are nearing the end of Week 8 and the Semester 1 exams commence next Wednesday.  The exam timetables have been published and students have this information.  It is important that a clear revision plan is established and that as exams begin, students are well prepared.  I have commented previously, but will emphasise again, the importance of students being rested prior to an exam.   A good night’s sleep, using revision notes along with the checklist, are all critical to success.  A tired student will not perform at his peak in an exam, particularly as the exam week progresses.

For those of you who have been at school during the last couple of weeks, you will have noticed the building program is progressing well.  Over the next week or so the slab for the ground floor will be poured and this will allow further construction on the upper levels to begin.  This will certainly allow us to see some significant progress.  I again thank parents and students for their cooperation in accommodating the disruption.  Please be careful when driving around the streets near the College as the work intensifies.

The concept of sustainability is a theme I have been sharing in recent editions of the Terrace News.  An additional initiative being adopted throughout the College is paper recycling.  It would be fair to say than an enormous amount of waste paper is generated at Terrace.  Paper recycling bins have been placed throughout the College in an attempt to collect this paper and present it for recycling.  This project is only in its early stages and the amount of paper being collected is relatively small. However, it is occurring and making some difference at our local level.

Finally this week, I congratulate all of the musicians who performed in the Norman Clarke Concert last Sunday and the Winter Concert held on the previous Wednesday.  The quality of the performances at both events was excellent and reflects the quality of the Music program at Terrace.  Well done to all involved.  I also wish to thank our long-time supporter of the Music program at Terrace, Mr Norm Clarke.  Norm is extraordinarily generous with his support of music at Terrace and on behalf of all within the Terrace Family I thank Norm very much.

Have a great week.
God Bless.

Dr Michael Carroll
College Principal