Principal’s Message | Dr Michael Carroll

Dear members of the Terrace Family,

The exam period has now commenced, and it is important that all students are focused on their revision and exam preparation strategies.  Amongst the many exam preparation strategies, I believe rest and sleep are two critical aspects.  Obviously, spending time on revision is necessary, but being fresh and not tired is a key factor. The temptation for some students is to try and get that last-minute extra study done late the night before the exam and they turn up to the exam tired and unable to perform to the maximum.  Sleep – Rest – Nutrition are all important for good exam preparation.

Last weekend myself and four other staff members attended the EREA Congress.  Titled ‘Charting New Horizons’, the Congress gathered people from across Australia as well as a number of international visitors, to look at EREA and begin to shape the next stage of our EREA journey.  A number of keynote speakers, including Patrick Dodson, Fr Frank Brennan, Kirsty Sword Gusmao and Wayne Tinsey, shared and reflected on the Touchstones and how we continue to be true to them.  A key agenda moving forward will be to further expand upon the Touchstone of Liberating Education, with a focus on the Teaching and Learning agenda.  Over the coming months, the wisdom discerned from the Congress will form the blueprint for the future of EREA.

This weekend sees the conclusion of the Term 3 GPS program for Rugby, Basketball and Chess.  Terrace will travel to Toowoomba Grammar School for Rugby and Basketball while Chess will be hosted at Terrace.  I take this opportunity to thank and congratulate all those involved in these programs this term. Terrace has again had strong numbers in each activity and has had successful results across all activities.  Thank you and congratulations to all.

I'd ask all families to read the notice from the College Registrar contained in the Community Information section of this week's Terrace News.  Other than Year 12 students, if your son will not be continuing at Terrace in 2019 you are asked to advise the College before the end of Term 3.

Finally this week, I would like to advertise and support some of the upcoming events that are being hosted for Conor Tweedy.  The first is the Youngcare ‘Fireworks for Conor’ event being held on Saturday 29 September.  The second is the Terrace ‘Long Lunch’, which will be hosted at Tennyson on Saturday 24 November.  Both events are being advertised through the College.  I encourage you to come along and bring your friends. Both events will be spectacular.

Have a great week.
God Bless.

Dr Michael Carroll
College Principal