Acting Principal’s Message | Mr Chris Ryan

Dear Terrace Family,

Welcome to Term 4. I trust the that the holiday break has been a refreshing one for our young men. I particularly welcome back our Year 10 gentlemen from their Immersion experiences in late Term 3 and thank all of our generous and talented staff for their support of this signpost Terrace experience. I also wish to particularly acknowledge our Year 12 students and wish them well for their final term at Terrace. It is important that they do their very best right up to and including their final moment in the red and black. We look forward to their continued strong contribution to College life.

Term 4 is a short term of teaching time. Our Year 12 students have only 20 days of class time. It is important the everyone in all year levels returns to routine and structure as quickly as possible and we thank parents for their support of this at home. The College Leadership Team will stress this at upcoming year level meetings. Reports will be available this Friday and are a significant tool for reflection and the setting of goals for the term.

Prior to the break, interviews were conducted for the appointment of the new Dean of Studies from 2019. It is my pleasure and privilege, on behalf of Dr Carroll, to announce that Mr Mason Hellyer has been appointed to this key role. Mr Hellyer is a long standing member of our teaching staff and community and is currently our Head of Faculty: Human Movements. Mr Hellyer has previously acted as Dean of Studies in 2014 and earlier this year. He has a deep understanding of our culture and context and is committed to working with students, teachers, staff and parents in leading our teaching and learning programs into a bright future at Terrace. We congratulate Mr Hellyer on his appointment.

Mrs Julie Quinn commences her final term with us and has greatly appreciated the many kindnesses extended to her upon the announcement last term. We will have several opportunities to thank and acknowledge Julie this term. A key community event that I would flag is a morning tea to be held at Tennyson on 10 November where the extended Terrace Family is invited to join us for some brief formalities followed by some social time to celebrate the outstanding contribution that Julie has made. Further details to follow and all in the extended Terrace Family, past and present, are welcome.

Over the break, Dr Carroll wrote to our families about Hannah Alford who is a Year 6 student at All Hallows’. Hannah has had an operation to remove a brain tumour and is in the early stages of her recovery. We continue our prayers of support for Hannah and her family, including Jack who is with us in Year 5 Windsor. The Alford family is appreciative of our care and concern and we will keep the community updated regarding Hannah’s journey.

Conor Tweedy also continues his journey positively and it was pleasing that he began to attend some school and community activities in the latter part of Term 3. Conor is working towards extending these activities and an early goal this term is to participate in the upcoming Leadership Camp, attend some classes and join his friends at the Semi-Formal next Monday evening. This will be a wonderful occasion for everyone in Year 11. Thank you to the Year 11 parents for their support of their son and partner in enjoying the evening. We look forward to seeing more of Conor as the year progresses. A reminder of the Terrace Long Lunch on 24 November at Tennyson where funds raised will go towards the Conor Tweedy Fund - tickets will go on sale next Monday. Thank you for your support.

Dr Carroll recently travelled to the United States to meet with Old Boys of the College. He was joined by Mrs Lea Walker-Franks, our Director of Development and Executive Officer of the College Foundation. This was a wonderful opportunity to meet with Old Boys of several different eras and to share stories and reconnect with the College. Another one of the opportunities in meeting with the Old Boys was to invite them to join the journey that the College Foundation has been facilitating in fund raising for supporting students who may not otherwise have an opportunity to attend Terrace through our Bursary program and through our future Capital Works program. 

Upon his return to Australia, Dr Carroll has undergone his knee replacement surgery and has commenced his recovery and rehabilitation process. We wish him well and look forward to his return.

Finally, with less co-curricular activities on this term, there tends to be more cars in the afternoons.

Please be mindful and respectful of:

• Brisbane City Council signage and road markings around the College. Brisbane City Council is facilitating checks on this throughout the city and our College is on the list.
• Our neighbours and their driveways.
• Conditions in the Spring Hill pool complex will change as the warmer months commence and more swimming groups are being facilitated. Please refrain from parking during pick up. Please return to the ‘loop’ process that we used successfully in Term 1.

God Bless,

Mr Chris Ryan
Acting College Principal