Dean of Studies | Mrs Julie Quinn

Well done on the efforts of so many boys this week.

As we often discuss, it has been most inspiring to witness so many boys who ensured that they worked hard until the final exam. Like preparing for any event, it is always important that efforts in the final days do not wain.

There is no greater feeling or reward than finishing the year and leaving for holidays knowing that you have worked to your maximum capacity and given your very best.

Results from Term 4 will accumulate with Term 3 results to produce a Semester result that will be used to determine academic medals.

Reports will be available from Monday December 10 on the Parent Lounge and will give outcomes from Term 4, Semester 2 and an annual result. Reports will also include comments from teachers offering strategies to enhance future results or to sustain current results.

Thank you Terrace for such a great journey, how blessed I have been to witness every day at work, for 24 years, where I truly enjoyed each day. It has been a privilege to have shared in the lives of so many wonderful young men and such a supportive community.

To steal a quote from Tim McGraw: 

We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everywhere.

I know that I will take a little from all of Terrace’s fine young men into my life’s journey ahead.