Deputy Principal | Mr Chris Ryan

Compliance and Complispace

Some parents may have noticed that the College advertised on the weekend for a position entitled Human Resources and Compliance Coordinator. A deliberate strategy for 2019 has been the establishment of a Human Resources and Compliance unit within the College. The advertised role is a school officer position which assists with administrative support for Ms Katie White, our inaugural Compliance Manager and Mrs Louise Smith, our inaugural Human Resources Manager. Historically, the work of these roles has been largely managed by myself as Deputy Principal and Mr Adam Read as Dean of Business Operations as well as our extended teams. As the size and complexity of Terrace have expanded and the legislative requirements of compliance and human resources in a school setting have also increased, it is prudent to establish this unit that will work across areas such as workplace health and safety, risk assessment, working with children legislation and requirements and professional development and training for teachers, school officers, co-curricular employees and volunteers of the school.

One of the ways Edmund Rice Education Australia is assisting and supporting in this area is the national roll out of an online tool entitled ‘Complispace’. This system is managed by a large group of experts in the areas of legislation, policy and process regarding these vital areas. We are now into our second year of training in the use of Complispace and are gradually rolling out various systems procedures, policy documents and online training modules that support our staff in the creation and maintenance of a safe learning environment for our boys. The College Board is also assisting in the leadership of this process with the introduction of a Risk Management Board sub-committee that has formed and commenced the work of providing advice and support to the College and reporting to the College Board.