Dean of Identity | Mr Charles Brauer

Gifts of the heart 

I love this time of term. It is not just for the approaching holiday break, rather it is the opportunity to reflect on how our hopes and intentions have been enlivened. Be it friendships, academic improvement, personal goals or overcoming struggles, each of us have journeyed from Easter Sunday carrying our hopes for this term, drawing on courage and determination to do our best. 

We haven’t been alone on this journey. We have had our friends, our families and our school community supporting and encouraging us, particularly when things haven’t gone to plan. We have benefited from, as well being the benefactor of, wonderful gifts that can’t be seen, unwrapped or quantified. Rather, they are gifts of the heart that enliven our spirit as an individual and as a Terrace Family.

It has already been said and sung - ‘all we need is love’. Love enlivens our humanity. Love is forgiving. Love is empowering. When we treat others the way we would like to be treated, we love one another. Love strengthens our spirit. 

When we grow weary tackling challenges, we may become frustrated. We are supported through these times with the gift of patience.  Patience strengthens our spirit.

Acts of kindness to each other grow an atmosphere of care. When we feel the embrace of care, we feel safe to take on new challenges, leaving behind self-doubt and fear. Kindness strengthens our spirit. 

When we laugh with each other, we spread joy. Joy energises our youthful spirit and encourages us to see the best in each other.  Joy strengthens our spirit.

Faithfulness is our compass when we feel lost. Having faith that God will provide all that we need is far from easy. Trusting faithfully in the action of the Holy Spirit and the Gospel of Jesus strengthens our spirit.

Gentleness is being sensitive to our own fragility and walking with others in theirs. Gentleness respects each other’s shortcomings. Gentleness strengthens our spirit. 

We can sometimes become confused and angered. By graciously embracing and sharing peace, we look towards a hope-filled future. Peace strengthens our spirit. 

When we respect the stories of each other, we display understanding. By being a humble presence to others we are liberated from closed-mindedness. Understanding strengthens our spirit.

Wisdom helps us recognise the importance of others and of keeping God central in our lives. Knowing that God is the beginning and end of all things frees us from our fears. Wisdom strengthens our spirit.

May the upcoming holiday break be a time for you and your family to have your spirit strengthened and energised. Be it having a break from making lunches, a break from drop offs and pick-ups or a break from the hustle and bustle of school life, I hope breathing space is created for you so that you can renew your hopes and dreams.

I wish all members of our Terrace family a safe and happy holiday break.