Dean of Studies | Mr Mason Hellyer

As we come to the end of the examination period it is important to take time over the upcoming holiday break to reflect upon the term. 

Your son’s Term 3 report will be available on the Parent Lounge from 9am on Saturday 12 October. The results contained within this report will provide point in time data to indicate your son’s progress. This data is the starting point for discussions and reflection to occur regarding a student’s progress.

Whilst the individual subject result is an important indicator, reflection on how the result was achieved is a much more powerful message. A strong result will reinforce a student’s work ethic or positive change to study habits. A disappointing result will highlight the need to modify existing work habits and work ethic. It is vitally important that these messages are explained and reinforced.

To support the discussion, your son will again meet with his PC Mentor through the first part of Term 4. This is an important aspect of our Academic Mentoring program. The conversation reinforces the importance of academic reflection on past performance and the implementation of strategies moving forward.

Congratulations to our Senior students on the completion of their exam block. For Year 12 students, Term 3 marks a major milestone in the academic year with the completion of the QCS program and the majority of assessment for many subjects. Term 4 is a short ‘sprint’ with just four teaching weeks prior to their final exams.

I made the point to Year 11 students that the current period of assessment will be one of the toughest periods of their two year academic journey. The cohort has had a Formative Internal Assessment (FIA) and ‘mock’ External Assessment (EA) in the space of four weeks. However, I believe the insights gained from this assessment period will be invaluable as we move into summative Units 3 and 4. 

I trust that students and parents have a restful and enjoyable holiday period.