Terrace Ladies Group

Girls Night Out – postponed until February 2020

Regrettably due to a calendar clash we have postponed the ‘Girls Night Out’ until Saturday 22 February 2020. Full refunds will be given to all those who have purchased tickets. They will be processed as soon as possible, but there will be some delay as the College retrieves the funds from Trybooking, then refunds you. Thank you in anticipation of your patience.

We do apologise for any inconvenience this has caused. The TLG is very aware that networking and bonding is very important – it is a good way to share what is going on in each year with each child, and to learn from one another about how to parent boys. We have set the date for next year - please save it in your calendar as a date claimer now.

Athletics Carnival

The first Friday back after the holidays we will see the school Inter-House Athletics Carnival out at Tennyson. This is a day filled with fun and laughter for all. This year, we will be opening the BBQ pit to cook Augustus Angus Beef cheeseburgers and hot chips for the day. This will not be possible without the support from our wonderful dads and mums who are able to volunteer their time to help.  

It is a mammoth task feeding some 1500+ boys, parents and staff. If any parent can give an hour of your time it would be very much appreciated. If you cannot come out, perhaps you are able to send home bake on the day to Tennyson or drop it at Terrace to the ‘old student services’ off Victoria St prior to 8.15am. 

No experience is necessary to help, and it is a great opportunity to meet new friends. Secretly the boys love to see their parents behind the counters.  

Volunteer links:

Year 5 Orientation  

Hospitality | 16 October 4.15-5.30pm

On Wednesday 16 October, our youngest students and their parents/caregivers come to Terrace for orientation day. The TLG’s hospitality hat is on this day welcoming everyone to the Terrace Family. If you are able to spare an hour to help it would be appreciated. It is a very quick event, all over by 5.30pm.

Volunteer linkYear 5 Orientation

All British Day 

Tennyson | Sunday 22 September

The All British Day held at Tennyson on Sunday 22 September is a major fundraiser for the Terrace Performing Arts which runs the canteen on the day.  We need parent volunteers to help on the canteen and BBQ and to provide home bake.  If you can help, even for an hour, we would be truly appreciative.   

Volunteer linkAll British Day


Monday 28 October will see the TLG AGM take place. This year, our Vice Presidents of Hospitality, Treasurer and Secretary will be retiring after two years of dedicated service. If you would like to consider taking on an official committee role or know someone who would be perfect, please read the role details below. If you have any questions, please send me an email. Please note: All retiring committee members will mentor the new office bearers through their first year. 

Vice President/s (Hospitality) 

This role is more suited to being shared by two people.

The VP (Hospitality) is the first port of call for all events requiring the traditional TLG hospitality. Assistance for larger events is supported by volunteers. Duties include: 

  • Coordinate and manage all the hospitality at TLG functions (e.g. Masses, welcome morning teas, information evenings and orientation evenings).
  • Order breakfasts for TLG meetings. 
  • Coordinate, order and manage the Track and Field Carnival. 
  • Coordinate and manage the Staff Christmas lunch.

The Treasurer ensures a familiarity with the TLG accounts, having regular communication with the relevant officer in the Finance Department. You do not have to be an accountant to fill this role. Duties include: 

  • Oversee TLG Accounts. 
  • Be familiar with the TLG accounts spreadsheet through the Finance Office and income/outcome.
  • Approve all payments and invoices - with the joint endorsement of the President or the VP (Logistics). 
  • Provide a report to the TLG meeting with a summary of income and expenses for the period leading up to then, and projected cost expectations. 
  • Organise floats and banking for the Tennyson canteen and other events requiring these supplies.

The Secretary is responsible for ensuring all formal communications are carried out in an efficient and timely manner. 

  • Manage the TLG database. 
  • Manage the TLG email account for Volunteer sign-on pages ensuring future  access and a consistent approach. 
  • Send out correspondence relating to TLG matters. 
  • Record, manage and distribute the minutes of TLG meetings. 
  • Assist the President with the Terrace News TLG segment. 
  • Liaise with Dean of Communication.
Date Claimers
  • Friday 11 October 7.30am - Inter-House Athletics Day Canteen and BBQ, Tennyson
  • Monday 28 October 7.30am - TLG AGM Breakfast Meeting, Founders’ Room