Dean of Studies | Mr Mason Hellyer

Each fortnight, the College Leadership Team meets with the Year 11 and 12 cohorts to discuss a wide range of topics regarding their progress throughout the year. At the Year 12 assembly this week, the challenges of Term 3 – academic workload, co-curricular and social events - was examined from a variety of angles. The main point was to be able to keep all of these challenges in balance in order to achieve success in all of them. Consequently, my challenge to Year 12, and therefore to the whole student body is this:

• Are you working every day to be the best student you can be?
• Are you present in class?
• Are you an active learner?
• Do you seek assistance when required?
• Are you committed to your academic success?

At this point of the term, assignments are due and exam timetables will be released shortly. It is important that students continue to work hard during this period in order to ensure that they are well placed moving into exam block. Revision for exam subjects should be occurring, and the accessing of staff, peer and Old Boy tutoring is to be encouraged.

Year 10 students are currently in the middle of their subject selection process for Senior subjects. Each student will have an interview with a Head of Faculty to discuss his subject choice. This interview is the final step in a process that commenced with their SET plan at the beginning of Term 2. We wish them all the best with their selection.

All the best for these busy middle weeks of the term.