Dean of Identity | Mr Charles Brauer

On the Treacy Trail

Tell me, how did you find last week’s Treacy Trail?
It was really good sir. We learnt a lot about Br Treacy and how we can continue his legacy within Treacy House.

Such insight was remarkable for a young man of Year 9 who had spent a brief time with his peers from fellow EREA schools exploring the life story, purpose and legacy of Br Patrick Ambrose Treacy, founder of 27 Australian and New Zealand Christian Brother schools from 1868 – 1912.

Mr Terry Thompson and I had the pleasure of sharing last Friday with students and staff from Brisbane EREA schools, including our very own Year 9 Terracians Hudson Asnicar, Nicolas Astori, Joel Snell, Ryan Larsen and Eddie Heffernan, on the Treacy Trail. Furthermore, we had the privilege of sharing the day with Br Regis Hickey who guided our group through understanding the context, scope and significance of Br Treacy’s life’s work. 

Br Hickey, researcher and author of Br Treacy’s biography, emphasised how the providence of faith was the key driving force to the mission of Ambrose Treacy. From literally a pocket of coins and a small suitcase, Ambrose Treacy visited every major port and city in colonial Australia, raised millions of dollars (in today’s terms) and built and opened 27 schools. What a mission! What an outcome! 

I commence the building of Nudgee without either the money for the building or even a promise from you of staff of Brothers to work. I have confidence however, that God will provide the means as heretofore and that God will come to our assistance in a more than ordinary way. (Brother Ambrose Treacy, 28 June 1889)

I am not sure Dr Carroll, or any other school administrator or school system would get away with this on in today’s world! In a deeply rational world, we are often asked to analyse, evaluate a plethora of information to make a well-informed and strongly justifiable decision. Furthermore, we are asked to evaluate our decisions based on more information, and then, start again. Although such thought processes were most definitely a key feature of Br Treacy’s story, we often don’t make room for that which can’t be measured.  Br Treacy’s story is one of how faith, hope, optimism and determination are driving forces to making decisions and enacting a plan. These virtues were explored by our group on the Treacy Trail.

Br Patrick Ambrose Treacy accepted the challenge to follow in the footsteps of Edmund Rice and answer the call of Jesus by building a better world for all. For more than forty years, Ambrose Treacy placed his trust in God to bring about liberating education for young men. He is remembered and followed for his tenacity, his vision and  his abiding faith in God’s providence. 

The Good News of Terrace

Our Year 12s are continuing with their Brekky for Big Brekky initiative, raising awareness and funds for our Eddie’s Van, all while building a wonderful before school tradition for our Terracians.