Principal’s Message | Dr Michael Carroll

Dear members of the Terrace Family,

The last couple of weeks have seen a lot happening at the College.  From Information Nights, the Induction Mass, Scholars’ Assembly and the start of the co-curricular seasons. Staff, parents and students have been very committed to ensuring the beginning of the year has been a positive one.  My thanks to all involved in the many activities and events over the last few weeks.  Together and in partnership, we have all ensured a positive start to the school year.

The Inter-House Swimming Carnival is scheduled for tomorrow.  This is the first of the hotly contested House activities for the year and is always a great day with plenty of enthusiasm and passion on display.  Details regarding times, etc. have been circulated already.  It is a regular school day, and all students are expected to be in attendance.

Last year, the College entered into negotiations to purchase a property at 184 St Pauls Terrace.  Purchase negotiations were successful, and settlement occurred a week ago.  The property is a significant one, including land of nearly 5500m2 and two large buildings.  Some preliminary discussions have occurred regarding how the College will use the property in both the short and longer term, with the Master Plan committee continuing to develop various options throughout the year.  At this point a few decisions have been made regarding its use.  Firstly, the College Gym will be relocated to one of the buildings.  The area set aside for the gym is a large space, allowing the gym to increase its current size and further develop its operations.  This will then make way for additional classrooms on the main campus.  The site will also be used for the provision of additional parking, with approximately 60 spaces being created.  There is also the potential for the creation of additional rooms for the College Music program.  However, no details have been finalised regarding the music areas, and further research and consultation will occur to investigate options.  

The new property creates many opportunities for the College and over time will become an integral part of our extended Spring Hill campus.  I will keep the community informed about this development via the Terrace News over the coming months.

Terrace has a long and proud history of strong academic performance.  Although many factors contribute to this academic success, the key factor is the strong work ethic of the students.  It is imperative, as the end of Week 3 approaches, that students are back into the routine of homework, revision and daily study .  By now Assessment calendars have been published, study timetable construction has been discussed in Formation classes, staff tutoring and Study Hall have commenced, and the routine of the College year has settled.  It is vital that the students have settled into a good academic routine.  As parents and caregivers, you can assist by talking with your sons about what assessment they have coming up, what work they are covering in class and by monitoring the time they are giving to their nightly homework and revision program.  

I believe that the other significant area where parents can support their sons is by establishing a productive study environment at home.  The removal/monitoring of distractions such as mobile phones and computers, the creation of quiet study space and regular ‘drop-ins’ or discussions about how things are going are all significant.  Sometimes as a parent these actions are not easy. However, consistently setting an expectation and connecting with your sons are key to supporting their academic journey.  If this aspect of your son’s journey at Terrace is not going as well as it should, I encourage you to connect with your son’s teachers or House Dean so that we can support your son in partnership.

Finally this week, I thank you for your attention to drop off and pick up time.  I continue to ask that we all show consideration for our neighbours.  Please minimise noise at early morning drop off by dropping on the school side of the street rather than the residential side – this is particularly important for early morning drop off.  Thank you for your ongoing support of this important aspect of our Spring Hill community responsibility. 

Have a great week.

God Bless.

Dr Michael Carroll