Terrace Ladies Group

The last two weeks have been full of emotion, with firsts and lasts for our family and many others at the school. We had our eldest son’s first last day at school and then the Year 12 Induction Mass - in my eyes, the apex of events. It brought together everything that is amazing about our Terrace Family and the College for these young men and their families in their last year of school. 

On the one hand, we had our 2020 Seniors together with their respective parents or significant others. You cannot help but feel a strong sense of belonging when you are amongst this group. It is a turning point in these young men's lives, one from which they will go on to strive to do their best academically, sporting and emotionally. As we know in this world, we are all the same, but different. Around that room there were different stories from each Year 12 boy and their families of how they got to this point and it is this diversity that is worth acknowledging and embracing. 

Just like the Year 12 boys, the families of these boys have their own tribes. Sadly, I know there are some families who don’t have a tribe and feel like they have never fit in at Terrace and feel like they don’t belong. In the true spirit of the Terrace Family I would like to challenge you to reach out to a family who you may see on the fringes or may never have seen them before and invite them in, to experience what it is like to be part of this amazing Terrace Family (this gives me goose bumps just writing about it).

In my ideal world I would like to think that every family goes away from Terrace having had a wonderful experience. It may just be that one small interaction with a family you have never crossed paths with before that will turn around their whole experience. 

When you are engaging with these parents check that they are in the loop, do they receive communication? Are we reaching out beyond social media to our community? If not give them the TLG email or mine and we will put them in touch with others in their year level/s and also make sure they know of other opportunities to connect.

As this is my first time around having a son as a Senior, I know firsthand that it is a steep learning curve. I know my tribe is there guiding me along the way, pulling me up when I have those crazy lightbulb moments and think I am superwoman. What if you were a mum or dad of a boy at Terrace and didn’t have that tribe? 

There is a video of a Danish experiment where they gather distinct groups who identify themselves as being a certain type, with nothing in common with the other types.  The experiment asked them to step forward if they were stepfathers, and one or two from each group steps into a space together. The suited stockbrokers stepped in beside the hairy bikers and the homeless, etc. It was very moving. We all have lots in common…. we just have to stop seeing us and them – and just see US. 

Year 12 Induction Mass 

I would like to thank all the parents who generously gave their time last Friday to serve at the Year 12 Induction afternoon tea. It was greatly appreciated. Thank you to the coordinators Libby Baynton and Leonie Flynn for a job well done. It takes much planning and organising to put on these large events, and they could not happen without people giving themselves and their time.  

Care and Concern

The Care and Concern role is fundamental to the TLG's philosophy of building a strong community and providing support to those who need help from time to time. Usually Care and Concern takes the form of family meals, which are frozen for ease of transport.  Currently, if a need should arise, an email is sent to the full school community seeking the desired help, but we also have a small group of people who can be called on in an emergency scenario.  This might take the form of providing support before a formal roster is established, or to fill gaps in rosters.  If you feel you could contribute in this way, please email Chris Giust christed@tpg.com.au.  An email will be sent out this week to people currently on the list to check ongoing availability.

If you are aware of a family who may need Care and Concern support, please contact me:  kcarroll2@gmail.com or M: 0408 985 139. All assistance is confidential and only with the consent of the receiving family. 

Buddy program

It is no accident that Terrace is known for our hospitality and close community. One way we foster this is through the TLG Parent Buddy program.  Families are matched with current families in the same year level or suburb. Being a buddy is as easy as helping with public transport tips, uniform questions or coming along to meetings or events together. Thank you to everyone involved and if you would like a buddy or to be one, please email Mrs Sam Mills samtonymills@gmail.com. Sam is the Vice President of the TLG, in charge of logistics, and she would be very happy to assist. 

Family Directory

There are still spaces throughout the electronic Parent Directory on the Parent Lounge.  I am sending out another reminder to parents to sign on. Please log onto the Parent Lounge, update your details and share if you are happy for others in your various year levels to contact you if the need arises (e.g. accidental bag swap, lifts to training, invitations etc). This is also crucial for our year level coordinators. If you have any queries on how to update your details on the Family Directory on the Parent Lounge, again, please email Mrs Sam Mills samtonymills@gmail.com.

TLG correspondence

If you are not on our mailing list but would like to be, please email our Secretary, Mrs Kris Siddle: terrace_ladies@outlook.com. Please also ensure that you save this email address into your contacts as it may find its way to junk mail. 

Important dates

• Monday 17 February 7.30am – TLG meeting, Terrace Museum
• Saturday 22 February 6pm – Whole of school 2020 Ladies' Welcome Function, Gambaro restaurant
• Saturday 29 February 7pm - Year 6 Parent/Caregiver Function, Norman Hotel
• Tuesday 3 March 7.30am – TLG Welcome Mass, Chapel of the Holy Family - everyone welcome
• Friday 6 March 12pm - Year 10 Mothers’ Lunch, Stanley Restaurant, Howard Smith Wharves Precinct
• Friday 6 March 7pm – Year 8 Parent/Caregiver Function, Newstead Brewery Milton
• Saturday 7 March 6pm – Year 7 Parent/Caregiver Function, Port Office Hotel
• Friday 13 March 7pm – Year 9 Parent/Caregiver Function, Alliance Hotel
• Monday 16 March 7.30am – TLG meeting, Founders’ room
• Friday 1 May 10am – Years 5–9 Mothers’ High Tea, Victoria Park Golf Course
• Tuesday 12 May 7.30am – Past Mothers’ Mass and morning tea, Chapel of the Holy Family
• Monday 27 April 7.30am – TLG meeting, Founders’ room
• Monday 1 June 7.30am – TLG meeting, Founders’ room 
• Saturday 6 June 7pm – GT 145 Ball, Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre
• Monday 17 August 7.30am – TLG meeting, Founders’ room
• Saturday 12 September 11am – Terrace Long Lunch, Tennyson sports fields
• Monday 26 October 7.30am – TLG AGM, Founders’ room


  • TLG President | Kirsten Carroll |email: dpklcarroll@gmail.com 
  • Vice President | Samantha Mills
  • Care and Concern Coordinators | Chris Giust and Cathy Nash
  • Vice President (Hospitality) | Holly Hohn
  • Treasurer | Christina O’Kane
  • Secretary | Kris Siddle