Dean of Studies | Mr Mason Hellyer

This week has seen our Senior cohort settle back into the College routine and back into the tempo of the classroom, study, and handball! Year 12 students have also had a number of Internal Assessment (IA) tasks due, which has fast tracked their transition back from distance learning. However, the real rhythm of the College will commence from next week when all students are back on campus.

Consequently, we need to recognise that Week 6 will not be a regular mid term week at Terrace. The Years 5-10 students have had a different experience of GT@Home and have engaged with their learning in different ways. Therefore, teachers will be transitioning students back into the classroom. Students will have the opportunity to share stories, participate in diagnostic tasks to ascertain what they have learnt and reengage with formative tasks already completed at home to determine where they are at with their learning. It is also important to recognise those students who have grasped content during GT@Home and utilised their self-regulatory skills to deepen, apply and extend their understanding.

It will be great to have the students back at the College, although all students will need some time to adjust back into classroom routines. 

Years 9 and 10 students will receive information next week regarding subject selection for Semester 2. Students have the option to study either History or Geography during the semester. Mrs Suzanne Cook, Head of Faculty – Humanities and the Arts and Mr Sean Benham, Coordinator Geography will meet with both year levels to detail the topics covered and assessment required for both subjects. Students will receive an email on Wednesday 27 May to inform them of how to make their choice. The selection of either Geography or History is an online process and the selection deadline is 3pm 3 June.

Year 8 students will also receive information next week regarding subject selection in Creative Arts for Semester 2. Students can elect to study either Music, Drama or Visual Art during the semester. Students will receive further information regarding each subject during their Creative Arts classes in Week 6. If a student is considering selecting Music, Visual Art or Drama as a Year 9 elective subject, they should select the same subject for Semester 2. It is advisable to have a first and second preference of subjects to study.