Principal’s Message | Dr Michael Carroll

Dear Members of the Terrace Family,

As we navigate the final stages of the online learning experience, I wish to acknowledge and thank you for your support of your sons over this time, and for the partnership you have demonstrated with your son’s teachers.  It is certainly pleasing to know that all students will be returning to school on Monday 25 May and, as a community, we can kick start Term 2.

In my letter earlier in the week, I emphasised the importance of preparing the students for a return to school, both in and out of the classroom.  There will be a time of adjustment as students return to the more structured routine of a regular school day. While I suspect the majority of students are looking forward to reconnecting with their friends and teachers, I also suspect that many will miss the casual dress code, flexible timetable and regular fridge browsing that has been a significant part of their daily routine over previous weeks.  It will be important to reinforce the school routine message over the coming days.  The staff will also be recalibrating the learning from next week and assessing what has been learnt and where reinforcement of topics or concepts may be required.  Many classes will have some diagnostic testing in the early days to determine where the students’ learning sits.  A reason for extending the length of the term was to allow additional learning time for all students.  Again, I reiterate that if you have queries or concerns, please contact the relevant staff to develop an assistance plan.

On Monday, the GPS Principal’s met to develop a return to sport plan.  Critical to this plan is adherence to Government and Governing Body Guidelines.  At this stage, the proposed model will involve all Term 2 and Term 3 activities being conducted in some format during Term 3.  The exact timelines and details are still being finalised.  Once this plan has been finalised, I will communicate the details and importantly, the practicalities of how such a season might be structured.

As we prepare for the return of 1700 students to school, I want to reassure parents/caregivers of the safeguarding and hygiene measures being implemented by the College.  These include:

• Safe social distancing wherever practicably possible.
• Additional cleaning of high touch points during the school day.
• All desks, chairs and lunch tables disinfected each day.
• All teachers have sanitiser for student use.
• Tuckshop food will be fully packaged and social distancing practices employed in that area.
• Additional hand washing stations set up around the College.
• Limited parent access to College grounds, particularly around drop-off and pick-up times.
• Water bottles to be used on campus – drink bubblers used only for refilling these.

I am sure that the planned return of students is welcomed by parents, staff and the students themselves.  There will be some transition issues and I encourage parents/caregivers to work with their sons on these issues.  I also remind parents and caregivers that issues such as haircuts, winter uniform and traffic protocol (particularly in Rogers Street) are also important for a successful return to school.

I look forward to seeing the boys return next week and to reconnecting with the members of the Terrace Family.

God Bless 

Dr Michael Carroll
College Principal