Dean of Students | Mr Damien Cuddihy

The Celebration of Excellence and the Valedictory Ceremony were two wonderful events held this week. Both programs were modified in comparison to recent years, but no less significant due to the efforts of the wider Terrace community. My thanks to the College staff and parents who assisted with preparing Tennyson for the Senior graduation. As always, it is an emotional moment to watch your son graduate from high school. Over the years I have seen many graduations, and I was reminded of this with my own daughter’s graduation during the week. I am very proud of this group of Senior students. In a way, they have been preparing for an unexpected COVID-19 affected year since they started schooling. Being the first full Prep group, first Year 7 group into high school and the first ATAR group in Queensland have all contributed to a sense of resilience in educational change. They handled the complexity of 2020 admirably.

Many stories walked out of the College gates this morning for many of the staff. Within every grade some students stand out for a whole host of reasons. It is what makes teaching such a special and intrinsically rewarding profession. So, my sincere thanks to the boys who take the road less travelled. At times it can be a lonely and unrewardingly courageous path. As parents, we always deal in hope  (well, that is the theory), the tide does turn, and our children will start to find the catalyst for greater traction in their lives. Sometimes this occurs in the formative years and sometimes it is a little later than we would like. For all students, graduating from high school is a momentous and liberating experience, so enjoy it. It is time to let the hair grow long, forget how to do up a tie and to let the razor blade rust up for a while.

To those families departing the College, I wish you the very best with this next exciting phase of your lives. Look back with fondness at the time you have spent at St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace, and know that you will always be welcome. We are very proud of the young men graduating today. Take care 2020 Seniors.