Acting Dean of Identity | Mr Terry Thompson

Hope. Peace. Love. Joy.

Last week saw the final week for our Year 12 students. In what has been a unique year for everyone, our Year 12s received a symbolic and meaningful farewell to conclude their journey as a Terrace student. To be honest, when I heard that our Valedictory Mass had to be moved from our historical location of St Stephen’s Cathedral to our sporting fields of Tennyson, I was somewhat sceptical about how it would pan out. However, last Thursday, I was quickly put at ease.  The Terrace students were able to say goodbye to the Year 12s in an intimate celebration in the Campbell Centre. The Seniors were then transported to Tennyson where their parents and caregivers formed a tunnel and cheered them on their arrival and shared in their Valedictory liturgical celebration. It was a great way to finish their Year 12 journey.

This Sunday, the season of Advent begins. With the beginning of the season of Advent, the Catholic Church begins a new liturgical year. The word Advent is taken from the Latin word, Adventus, meaning ‘the coming or arrival of a significant person’. Advent is the time in which we wait and prepare for the coming of Jesus.

Advent allows us to prepare ourselves to be the best people we can be and ensure we are not only refreshed and ready for all that is to come, but also to spend precious time with those we love. It is a time of preparation as we approach the day, we celebrate the birth of Jesus, to celebrate all that we have achieved, but also give thanks for all the blessings God has given us.

It is important for us to stop and reflect so that as we get closer to Christmas, we can remind ourselves what this time of year is really about. Four words continue to pop up on the front lawns, rooftops and cards we might give to others that best describe what this year is about: Hope. Peace. Love. Joy.

As we embark on the holiday season, I challenge you to bring hope, peace, love and joy to yourself and those around you. Yes, Christmas presents are nice, but the meaning of Christmas is so much more. May the Terrace Family be blessed with hope, peace, love and joy this Christmas.

Lord, as we head into these holidays, we are reminded that it is a time to prepare ourselves for the Christmas season. In a world often consumed with material pleasures, may we remember the true message of the Christmas story and celebrate together in a spirit that recognises and gives thanks for the blessings we already have. It is a time of hope for our families, a time of peace within our homes, a time to show love for each other and a time of joy for the good news that is the birth of Jesus. May we reach out to those in need and strive to create a world that is just and fair. Amen.

Live Jesus in our Hearts…Forever